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Hole #6, Point Mallard Golf Course, Decatur, Al.


Firm Jello Plans

Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 8-31-2015

The migraine pain lingered on today with significant improvement as we headed into the evening hours. Maybe the hope of a large bass tomorrow drove the pain away. There was a little more fishing gear preparatory effort this evening but mostly it was just rest and heal time.

We sent out an email to try to get a spot back at Rockport for November and December. The good mechanics are there and we have to also get the Truck and Castle inspected to fulfill the new Texas registration laws. That is also a good area for access to Christmas present shopping. It doesn’t hurt that those two months are normally pretty good fishing months.

It is late in the year to get winter spots at Rockport. If it does not work out we will move on down the road. It looks like January will find us in the Del Rio Texas to Big bend NP area. From there we will follow the warmer weather northward until we turn east toward Gavinland.

It could be that we will have some good adventures tomorrow like a 14 pound bass or the OFM falling into the lake. Either one will be good for trying to have tooooo much fun.