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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Smacks Aplenty

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

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Early morning practice of his golf game was the starting adventure of the day. Next to the campground is an undeveloped road. That roadway makes a great place to practice short golf shots like the OFM needs around the greens. He doesn’t hit many greens in regulation so he has a lot of short up onto the green shots. And he really needs LOTS of practice on that type of shot.

After all that fun he decided the wind and cold was pretty nasty but he decided he would go fishing anyway. The pier at the harbor was deserted when he fought his way through the wind onto the walking surface. The chrome spoon sailed out in to the water and the excitement began. Almost immediately a fish hit the lure and let go. A HA the Spanish mackerel (smack) are still here!

A nice size smack made it onto the walkway before too long.

We kept on getting hits and runs but no hookups to land.  Suddenly we had a major hit and hookup. The water exploded like a volcano had erupted. Water and froth went everywhere. The fight was on and a major fight it was getting to be when the line went slack. Upon reeling in the lure it was noticed that two of the treble hooks prongs were straightened out.  We tried to re-curve the prongs to keep fishing but it was a total loss.

The decision was made to head to the Castle and take a count of the lure improvements needed. Then we headed for Tackle Town to purchase some more substantial components. Triple strength hooks, stronger split rings and a couple other things were purchased. Then it was back to the Castle to apply the stronger items to our equipment. Actually it is kind of nice to need stronger things because the fish are tearing up your light duty things.

About 1500 we made it back to the pier and the fish were still biting. Here is the second fish of the day.

We got hits fairly often the rest of the day and caught two more nice size smacks. Poor Mike who usually catches lots of fish was not getting many hits and catching none of the hits. Finally about 1800 he hung a little bitty smack so he did not get skunked.

We all called it a day and headed for our homes. Getting that much fish activity in a day is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.