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Point Mallard Trail, Decatur, Alabama


Day of the Gavinator

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

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It was a busy day of Gavinating around. The OFM Gavinating Team got there right on schedule. The action got started with a viewing of the Gavinland Sign installed over Gavin’s room door.

Then Gavin ran up and down the hallway while his dad and Grampa hid in doorways for him to find us. Gavin thought that was great time for the longest. One thing of significance happened. During one of the quick doorway changes Grampa made an error in judgment and tried to take out a door frame with his rib cage. He grunted like it actually hurt, the wimp.

Another great fun time was the wagon rides around the inside of the house. The propulsion was Grampa and the rider was guess who. After several trips around the house Gavin was finished with that event and we continued on to many more events.

At one point Gavin decided it was story time. He came over to Grampa and asked “up”. Once he was up it was tell a wonderful story of which Grampa understood every fiftieth word.  But it was a great story because Gavin would stop and chuckle every now and then. We got the whole story told and then Gavin was ready for more action.

It is supposed to be our last day together for a few months so Grampa made sure it was a long day of fun. Sometimes playing with a two year old is real close to having to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.