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Approaching Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Chasing A Railroad

Adventure Location:  Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 4-18-2015

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First thing is, how do you get a mosquito bite in your armpit while walking in the desert?

SightSeer, the Teams fantastic bicycle, did get to run and play today but its motor ran out of energy after only six and a half miles. Six and a half miles out here in West Texas is like a hundred miles back at Rockport.

We got SS out of the Truck and prepared and checked all the items that should be checked. Then we took SS for a roll up and down the camp ground. Everything seemed good to go so we headed out of the state park.

On the way out SS had to stop and read the sign about the railroad that used to run through here. That gave the OFM the idea of checking out the old RR grade cut through the ridge across highway 90.

Out the entrance gate we flew and made a quick right on the old highway 90. This part of old 90 is used for highway materials storage. It is not easy bicycle riding but SS is an extraordinary bicycle so we did just fine. After about a mile on the loose rock and potholes we made a left turn across US 90 to where the old RR cut is located. SS was parked against the guard rail when the OFM noticed it.

Somewhere in the old roadway SS had picked up some thorns. We got them all cleaned out. A close inspection revealed that we were very lucky today. No tires were leaking air.

A short hike up the hill of the highway right of way brought us to the old RR cut. It has eroded quite a bit and lots of prickly brush has grown to fill the gap that the trains passed through.

After the above picture was taken the OFM got the notion to walk up the hill next to us to look around. From the top he took this photograph of “flat Texas”. At this point we are about a mile toward Del Rio from the entrance to Seminole Canyon SP.

Flat Texas
The old highway 90 going westward from Seminole Canyon SP is really good place to ride a bicycle. Vehicular traffic is usually about two vehicles a day. It parallels US Highway 90 and goes all the way to the current overlook and boat ramp at the Pecos River.

As you can see all you need is two bicycle gears, ultra-low and ultra-high. There is no flat land in this part of the world.

The motor (OFM) only made it to the top of the first hill when he decided his fuel tank was getting pretty empty. So we turned around and headed back. A quick turn into the park and the two mile climb back up to the campground pretty well finished him off. He still claims bicycle riding is a wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.