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Sun Explosion, Rockport, Texas


Tires, Bearings and Brakes

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

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The new tires for the Truck were due in by 1000 this morning. That gave the OFM time for fishing. Naturally the wind had a chill to go with its too strong of a blast. Near 1000 we headed back to the Castle to freshen up from not catching fish. Then it was off to the tire store.

The tires were actually there! We were next in line after a van in for tire rotation and balancing. The next thing you know the Truck is up in the air and the tires are back in the work area.

The OFM asked the mechanic to check the front wheel bearings. The wheel bearing are part of a large heavy unit that gets replaced instead of greasing the wheel bearings. You can thank the 4X4 system for that type of bearing. The passenger bearing was going bad and it was very apparent once the OFM laid his hands on the rotor. Now the Truck will have to return next week for wheel bearing replacement. The bearing has about 160,000 miles on it so it is no surprise it needs replacing.

While the Truck was wheel less, the brake pads on the 4 wheel disc brakes was checked. Less than ½ the pads have been worn away in the 254,000 miles of driving on the Truck. We welcomed that good news.

Suddenly the Truck was ready to go. We plopped down our $690 and away we went.

Good grief these tires roll smoothly and quietly. The Truck drives a good deal better now. Those heavy lug tires that were the last set were good tires if you go play off road in the rock and dirt. They were not good tires for peace and quiet.

In the late afternoon the OFM hit the harbor area for more fishing. He finally managed to catch one spotted weakfish of about 15 inches. That was all the action for the last three days.

We are making very good progress on repairs and maintenance items on the Truck. It would not surprise us if the Truck was totally finished by Friday of next week. That would mean that all the Teams rolling stock would be in first class shape for the next traveling session.

We plan on staying here in Rockport until after Christmas. We have Grandkid Gavin shopping to do as well as a few other chores the OFM wants to accomplish like catching some Spanish Mackerel and playing golf. Having the Castle and Truck in first class shape again will help in our efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.