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Rockport Harbor, Texas


Whataburger Thanksgiving Dinner

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

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Don't drink a lot of coffee and then put your chest high waders on is excellent advice.

The Teams made it over to the fishing place about 0930 and we were the first ones there. Of course the wet cold, 59 degree, wind helped others stay inside. Nope no fish caught but it was mainly just a place to meet up with another fisherman, Mikey, that was part of the lunch group for the day.

After a while the chill got to us and we decided to head off for our Tex-Mex Thanksgiving feast. As luck would have it all of the Tex-Mex places in Rockport did not open today. The only eatery that seemed to be open was Whataburger! So we stopped there. Two more fellows joined us. Bob and Clyde joined us for a session no truth allowed fishing tails being told. It must have taken over an hour for us to wind down but it was great fun.

The big excitement came in an email late in the afternoon. The OFM’s son sent a picture of Gavin out in the woods in his woodman clothing. All he needs is a chainsaw to really create some serious havoc.

The Alabama Woodsman
They were down in central Alabama at the other grandparents’ home. Knowing that bunch there was some seriously great food cooked and consumed----several times.

It is hard to beat a day of talking with friends, fishing and new pictures of your grand kid for trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.