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Sun Light and Water, Point Mallard Golf Course. Alabama


Swing Flubs

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

The OFM stayed inside while over 150 campsites emptied between 1000 and 1400 hours today. It was not a healthy choice to be on the road as all these folks head home. Now tonight it is a peaceful time without a lot of noise. However it must be noted that all the noise of the last couple of days was good noise of happy folks and kids working hard at trying to have tooooo much fun. On top of that every night this place was nearly silent by 2200.

The OFM spent his time wisely researching temperature at locations of interest. When the crowds finished leaving he decided it was time to make a choice. He chose to purchase a month pass at the golf course for all the golf he can play at a cost of $100. The temperatures seem to have lost their sharp edge. Within a week we should be into falling daytime highs. Our rent runs out in late September for now. This of course means more time spent over in Gavinland Alabama.

This afternoon we played the front 9 on the golf course. The OFM surprised himself. It has been a month since he hit a full swing golf shot. Of the forty strokes he used, only two of them were real flubs. You know the kind that makes for good TV shows. He thought that he did reasonably well for someone who has spent the last three VERY HOT weeks piddling at the computer instead of serious exercise. As least he will now be out walking the golf course and pulling his little golf cart for exercise. The front 9 is about a 3.2 mile walk.

The OFM has also started getting more into painting as a way of filling the long nights that have already started. It is a hobby with lots of learning that is needed.

There is not a lot of big adventures on the near horizon so do not worry if the blog posts are not very often. This is the third year of writing about this area and the Teams feel that it has been well covered by now.

Be assured that if something happens that is blog worthy it will show up in a post. Gavin will always be ready to show the OFM about trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.