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277 Bridge, Lake Amistad, Texas


Corner Protection

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas

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There are several cabinet corners in the Castle that have had the small trim piece knocked off the corner in the eight years we have lived in the Castle. Finally a couple of nights ago the OFM remembered we needed new plastic corner protection, especially for his old thin skin.

Surprise of all surprises he got busy and installed the corner protectors.  They are pretty easy to install. The hardest part was cutting them to shape and size with the hacksaw. The protectors are fairly thin and wiggly when trying to saw them. The chore was accomplished. Then it was file the cut places to make them smooth. That was easy to our surprise.

The final preparation was to pre drill nail holes in the corner protectors. The drilling went well. The OFM managed to NOT drill his body or any part of the Castle. We have witnessed a miracle we think.

Then it was fit the protectors to the CORRECT corners of the cabinets. Nailing turned out to be easy once we could hold the tiny nail and place it into the invisible predrilled hole in the protector.  NO fingers were harmed in the gentle hammering of the tiny nails. This has been a day of major surprises. Upon completion a thorough check of the OFM body was made and there was NO body fluids leaking from skin holes!!!!!

Here is one of them installed.

A project done right without any body fluids running amok means it was a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.