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Ft. Richardson Quarry, Jacksboro, Tx


Multi- Use Trail Part II

Adventure Location: Fort Richardson SP, Jacksboro, Texas

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After the fort gardens area you come to another kiosk and a large ruins across the creek. They are the ruins of the flour mill. Here is the information sign.

A picture of the picture of the old mill was taken and to our surprise it came out decent for that sort of thing.

And now we get to see the ruins of the mill as they are today.

Apparently not too far downstream from the mill was Sudsville or what we today would call the laundry. The OFM first thought they were talking about a local beer joint.

Shortly after Sudsville we hit a stretch of concrete paving that circled around the local swimming pool and under the highway. When we hit the concrete surface it seemed like a jet thruster had kicked in on SS. Wow that hard surface rolls a lot easier than the loose gravel. Right after the highway bridge the trail turned back into loose gravel again. The bridge is an important piece of town history.

Then there was this sign about more of the railroad history. It talks about a different depot than the earlier one. We did not find out what the real story is.

At the two mile marker was a sign talking about all the important things that Lost Creek has been used for in the past.

After a careful sweeping curve the trail went downhill to where Lost Creek crosses under the trail. It gave us a chance to get a picture of the creek heading on to Lake Jacksboro. The trail eventually goes around the far end of Lake Jacksboro.

Then we tackled the very loose gravel climb back out of the Lost Creek drainage. We were in the lowest gear and struggling with rear tire slippage as well as front tire sliding sideways at inopportune moments. But SS made it anyway. The trail had another 6+ miles to run yet but at the top of the hill right after the creek crossing the OFM stopped to breathe. He was also wise enough to stop in the shade of a big tree.

We rode a little farther and stopped just after the trail started back downhill for a very long stretch that wound out of sight. TheOFM looked at that downhill run. He thought about how sweaty he was already. He thought about how worn out he was after just 2.5 miles of that loose gravel riding. He thought about having to ride 6+ miles back up that loose gravel hill in first gear after completing the 6+ miles to get to the other end of the trail. He thought about how all the historical information was completed. He thought about all that and decided that he was hot enough and worn enough that the OFM Sightseeing Team needed to turn around and head back to the Castle. And so we did.

While he was editing all the pictures the Team took while doing the historical section of the ride, he decided that we had had a very good day and came very close to having tooooo much fun. TheOFM.