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Point Mallard Park, Decatur, Alabama


Fingernail Muscles

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

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The OFM first noticed it this morning. A human fingernail does not have a muscle because it is the only part of his body that was not sore. Apparently he was a bit too rambunctious yesterday. The first few pedal strokes on SightSeer (SS) this morning let him know it was going to be a “special” day of soreness.

We make most of the maximum loop than can be made today. Here is where the bike trail starts into the path of flowers. It is a very nice part of the bike pathway.

The muscles complained the whole way but the Teams kept on going. No sittin and doin nuttin for the OFM Teams. We have to keep the OFM exercised and healthy so he can see Gavin graduate from high school in sixteen more years when the OFM is 84.

We were riding along on the river trail at a nice pace in the morning cool breeze when SS slammed on the brakes and made a spectacular Bat Turn right in the middle of the narrow trail. The OFM has no idea how SS was able to do that. SS had seen a flower it wanted to check out and it was a fabulous flower.

Here is a close-up of one of the several blossoms.

On this trip near the golf course we got to take a picture of hole 4. It is a bit of a mean hole that is slightly uphill all the way. The trees encroach on the right along with a bunker at the normal landing for most folks. Out to the left is a large open area with 4 inch tall grass that looks safe from the tee box. It is not safe. We know from vast experience that if you land over there it is hard to whack your ball out of the grass. But to make it really interesting there is a large wide tree centered in the flight path you need to send the ball to get to the green. You are either perfect on your tee shot or you get to tour a lot of area. Gosh that is so much fun.

Late in the afternoon the OFM tried his luck at playing golf. The fool actually thought his sore muscles would swing a golf club correctly. At least he was smart enough to quit after his third tee shot when his back said ‘Quit now fool or you will be really sorry!” So we went back to the Castle for dope and a long nap.

And that is how a sore body fool went about trying to have tooooo much fun today. TheOFM.