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Lower Pine Springs Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas


Coordinated Attack

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

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Nothing special happened as long as you don’t count the massive muscle cramps this morning in the OFM’s right leg. A cramp in his foot, calf, inner thigh and his buttock all attacked in perfect coordination with his waking moment this morning. Naturally the necessity room was needed quite badly but getting there quickly was impossible.  Ibuprofen was taken to relieve the pain and soon he was ambulatory again. Tonight we will shove a shovel full of ibuprofen down his throat when he goes to bed.

Our guess is that the walking in the heat and having to hit golf shots from weird stances from the stupid places he hits golf balls to is what causes the cramps in muscles that no normal human uses.

He had a 46 on the front nine holes of the golf course today. The OFM was just about staggering when he left the course at 1800. The heat and humidity and lack of breeze relieved him of all his energy. In fact on holes 8 and 9 he made double bogey on each. His body just did not have enough energy left to swing the club well. But you can be sure that he worked hard at trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.