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Kayaking Lake Amistad, Del Rio, Texas


Governors Landing

 Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-10-2016

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It has been another standard ordinary gloriously beautiful day here in West Texas. Even the moon was closer to earth than normal to show off. It was hanging over the evening horizon waiting to get its picture taken. It took several tries to get the shake down to as much as the OFM could do it without a tripod.

Good grief it was wonderful outside tonight again. Cool without bugs of any kind to bother you.

Tonight we get a short tour of Governor’s Landing campsites and swimming/kayak launch area. Follow the signs from Highway 90 going west out of Del Rio. It feels like you are going north but it is really west. The turn is about ten miles out from downtown but you will feel like it is a hundred miles to the next anything.

The area is on three levels with the campground at the higher level. Here is the sign at the entry to the upper level campground.

It is a very nice campground with good sites, water and two vault toilets close by. The views are really great as you can see from the view at this campsite.

The campsites are pretty compact for trailers or motor homes over about 26 feet long. The OFM does not camp here because it is right on top of a hill and even with the very thick shrubbery and trees the wind does cause a lot of rock and roll.

The middle level is a day use picnic area with a large parking lot that will handle just about any size vehicle without any trouble but no camping on this level. The views are really great from this level. When the lake is down like it is now, the scramble to the shoreline is a bit exciting.

However there is an easy path down to the water next to the highway bridge carrying highway 90 across the lake. It goes to an excellent area for kayak launching and playing in the water. Here is the entrance to the gravel road that goes down to the water. It is easy walking and pulling a yak on a cart.

The area under the bridge and just too each side is a shallow and nice area for playing in the water as well as launching yaks. You can see the bottom in this picture of the launch spot.


Usually the water in this area has 10-20 feet of clarity for seeing the bottom. In the summer the bridge gives you a very welcome shade. All in all Governor’s Landing area is a good place for trying to have tooooo much fun.