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Rockport Texas


Frazzled To A Frizzle

Adventure Location:   North Alabama

Adventure Date: 1-23-25-2015

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The OFM made it back to the Castle totally worn out. Gavin took him to the limit of his endurance. All this trying to have too much fun can be very exhausting for an OFM.

Art lessons were required as part of the OFM’s training.

Of course acrobatics is on every 2.5 year old kid's agenda.

And since Gavin comes from a very computer literate family, he thought that the OFM needed some serious lessons in computer usage. He was right.

Naturally the OFM could not begin to keep up so Gavin’s parents had to take over frequently. Man that kid is a bundle of energy.  Now the OFM has to get to bed early for some recovery sleep and rest. It is very hard work to keep up with Gavin when he is trying to have tooooo much fun.