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Hole #6, Point Mallard Golf Course, Decatur, Al.


Hog Holes

Adventure Location: Sinton, Texas

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How bad are the feral hogs damaging the land? In some cases the damage is very bad. Tonight we will see some very mild damage in the park next to where the OFM made his last acrobatic display involving wire rope.

The hogs dig and tear up the ground down to about eight inches normally. They are looking for food worms. When they finish with an area it is plowed up as well as any farmer with a middle buster could have done. In this picture is a very mild case of rooting hog damage.

On a golf course they cause massive expensive damage to the course. Their holes can cause you to stumble and fall. In some cases the holes are big and deep enough to step into and damage your body badly. The hog holes also swallow golf balls and really make playing difficult at times.

In the picture above is one of the OFM’s golf balls he was using to practice. Here is a close up of the ball down in one of the hog holes.

We knew the ball was close to the tree when it landed but it still took several minutes of looking into each hog hole to find the ball.

Feral hogs can also be very dangerous to humans. They are domestic hogs gone wild and are excellent eating. When they have pig puppies with them or sometimes just having a bad day they are very ferocious and aggressive. They have tusks (fangs) that will turn you into hamburger in a few seconds.

The OFM has encountered them several times in his life. Each time he has been lucky enough that the hogs were happy to just move away to another area to feed. It is best not to surprise them up close if you want to keep on trying to have tooooo much fun. TheOFM.

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